Some would say it's a hobby gone mad. 
    Others, although, might just say the members of Celtic music band Clan na Gael are doing what they love on a full-time basis. That's not bad for what began as a group of friends who got together to play music for fun. Now, four albums later, it's not just a hobby anymore. The four-member band spends much of the time on the road, or in the recording studio, and manages to share their original and traditional Celtic tunes with audiences in both Nevada and California. Their first two releases, Today at the Market and Uisge Beatha, received positive reviews, but their latest CD release, titled Keepers of the Wind, has been called 
    "the best album they've done yet. ... Clan na Gael's new album is why I love Celtic music." 
    Review in Merced (CA) Sun-Star by music reviewer and editor Don Chaddock. 
    Their fourth album, B-A-A-A-D to the Bone, focuses on the lighter side of the musical genre. With a style all their own, the band has managed to bring Celtic music to a new level, incorporating traditional instruments with energetic playing styles. While keeping the Irish and Scottish folk music traditions alive, they've managed to capture the essence of what makes Celtic music one of the fastest-growing musical styles in the country.
Kathie Hughes: 
Vocals, pennywhistle,
accordian, bodhran
Anwyn Leverett
Vocals, guitar, 
mandolin, accordian
George Leverett
Vocals, harp, 
cittern, fiddle, guitar
Tom Coburn
Vocals, bass, guitar,
mandolin, keyboard