Magical Music
Released August 2007. As with our other recordings, this disc weaves the magical sounds of the Celtic harp, hammered dulcimer, hurdy gurdy, bowed psaltery, pennywhistle, and voice into a wonderful collection of songs. Unique to this recording is the addition of the wire strung celtic harp. Click the picture to the left to find out more, and to hear samples.
New Release-Now Available:
Hearth Light
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Hearth Light
Altar Wind
Songs From Shadow Wood
Christmas Around the Hearth
Skye Boat
Anwyn & George Leverett

How to Purchase our music:
Our c.d.'s are $16.00.

Directions for ordering our c.d.'s are included on the webpage for each individual c.d.  Click on the pictures to the left to find out more!

Altarwind Music
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